My Portfolio

Project Management

R&D, Engineering, Pharma, Medical Devices
Project 01

Project and Team Management

Certified Project Manager with experience in managing broadly diverse projects involving both medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Multiple products were successfully brought from the R&D phase all the way to the market.

  • Company: Becton Dickinson (current), Piramal Critical Care
  • Roles: Sr. R&D Program Manager (current), Principal R&D Engineer
  • Year: 2012-Present

Engineering / Engineering Lead

Anesthesia Vaporizers, Container Closure Systems, Aerospace
Project 02

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer

Accomplished and enthusiastic engineer with significant industrial and academic experience in fluid and thermal sciences, heat transfer, thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, multi-phase flows, cosmology, and numerical methods. Proactive team player and competent team leader with an exceptional work ethic. Confident and articulate technical and interpersonal communications skills, and quick learner. Possess entrepreneurial spirit and well developed skills in prioritizing, organization, decision making, and time management.

  • Companies / Clients: Gulfstream, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Notre Dame, Piramal Critical Care, Becton Dickinson
  • Roles: Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineer, Principal R&D Engineer
  • Year: 2005-Present

Research: Nanofluids

Journal Papers on their Thermodynamics and Transport Properties
PNanofluids Research

Research in Nanofluids

Modeled the physics of nanofluids using equilibrium molecular dynamics and computational fluid dynamics. Pioneered complex numerical algorithms to extract thermodynamic, rheological, and transport properties of fluids from raw equilibrium molecular dynamics data. Presented the work on nanofluids at over 15 international conferences, and received various awards for its novelty and multi-billion-dollars market potential.

  • Institutions: University of Notre Dame, Brown University
  • Role: Research Assistant, Collaborator
  • Years: 2006-2015

Research: Other Areas

Fluid Dynamics, CFD, Aerodynamics, Molecular Dynamics, Cosmology, General Relativity
Project 04

Other Research Areas of Interest

EXAMPLES // CFD: Modeled multiphase flows through vaporizers and other complex flow paths, using state-of-the-art CFD packages such as COMSOL. Solid Mechanics: Analyzed and modeled with finite element methods (FEM) the structural integrity of complex structures undergoing creep, high cycle fatigue, and chemical corrosion. Thermodynamics / Heat Transfer: Developed and implemented a model to provide some basic understanding of the dynamics of combustion, through a simplified mathematical representation of the complicated reaction processes. Cosmology: Derived a perturbative solution for a massive, static, spherically-symmetric scalar field in general relativity, the Einstein-Klein-Gordon equations; presented work at an international APS conference.

  • Industries / Institutions: University of Notre Dame, Piramal Critical Care
  • Role: Research Assistant, R&D Mechanical Engineer
  • Years: 2004-Present

University Teaching

Mathematics and Physics
Project 05

Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor of Statistics and Physics (with and without Calculus).

  • Institutions: University of Notre Dame, Northampton Community College
  • Role: Research Assistant, Adjunct Professor
  • Years: 2010-Present

Hobby: Photography

Project 06

Photography and Astrophotography

Main hobby for the spare time: from landscapes to toddlers, from weddings to planets and nebulae. Areas of expertise include also Photoshop and Lightroom.

  • Client: Various friends and family members
  • Role: Amateur Photographer
  • Years: 2012-Present

About Me

Born and raised in Central Italy, on the beautiful coast of the Adriatic Sea, I found myself moving to the United States at the age of eighteen following my dream to make a career in engineering and hopefully, make a difference.

Personal Life

I have been very happily married with Mimi since 2012, and in November 2016 we were blessed by the birth of our beautiful daughter Sienna. Our family also includes Hugo, a miniature poodle full of energy.


My love and passion for engineering are long standing, and my leadership and project management skills are well round.

Since I was an undergraduate at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University I have been engaged in the design of airplanes and rockets, and in most occasions, I had leadership roles. I took three sets of senior design classes and I was at the lead of the team in two of them. In one case, my team managed to design, and successfully complete the assembly of a battery-powered micro air vehicle. I also led another team in the design of a space mission to one of Saturn’s moons. This design was presented in Cocoa Beach, Florida, as part of a NASA-funded competition.

The six years I spent at the University of Notre Dame as a graduate student have also enhanced my analytical and problem- solving skills. I decided to focus my research on something unfamiliar to aerospace and mechanical engineers, such as the molecular dynamics (MD) study of nanofluids. I initially worked for over one year on the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of multi-phase (particulate) mixtures. I wrote my own code with large-scale parallel algorithms, that would account for several multi-physics and multi-scale phenomena typical of multi-phase flows. I authored three papers, and more publications are currently on their way.

In my ongoing experience in industry, I have had the opportunity to broaden my expertise and learned first-hand how engineering practice and research, in particular computational methods, are implemented in an industrial R&D setting. During my 4 years at Piramal Critical Care had a substantial exposure to regulatory affairs, and to the development of design history files, including project plans, design input definitions, and risk and safety assessments. Within nine months I was promoted to R&D Project Manager, and I had the privilege to lead a group of several engineers and scientists from diverse fields and backgrounds, towards the completion, regulatory filing, and launch of new inhalant anesthetic drugs and medical devices. I had the opportunity to lead the outsourcing of several resources and suppliers, and I coordinated the decision making process between R&D, marketing, finance, supply chain and operations on a daily basis. In May 2016, after succesfully receiving European approvals for Piramal's new anesthetic drug Desflurane, I moved on in my career and joined Becton Dickinson, where I am currently a Sr. Program Manager within the Advanced Repair and Reconstruction platform of the BD Surgery business.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” Norman Vincent Peale